Learning Martial Arts may Have Its Drawbacks

Over the years, martial arts have been one of the most convincing approaches when it comes to self-defense. Many people register to martial arts training center because for them, martial arts is a useful way on defense and it is also an effective method to become more responsible, respectful and humane person. In spite of the things that martial arts benefit us, flaws and problems with martial arts are undeniably inevitable.

Superiority is unfavorable. This can lead to the instability of the balance and unbiased method that all kinds of martial arts had built. In this day and age, several of the martial arts students develop some type of thinking called close-mindedness. They are indeed well disposed and very responsive to the teachings that they learn from their instructor or master, but when talking about on learning other methods, techniques, skills and knowledge from other instructor or master, they tend to close all their ears and be closed minded.

As what said in a popular quote, “Responsibility leads to great success”. For a martial arts student to become great, he or she should follow all his or her instructor or master’s teaching, exert enough effort to understand the arts more on his or her own, and become an open-minded and teachable person. The martial arts student must whole-heartedly accept the actuality of martial arts, which is gaining knowledge from one instructor or master to another.

Do you believe that the way things have always been done is the right and the best way? Conventional thinking or traditional thinking is a hindrance on making progress and achieving what is actually right and best. In martial arts, conventional or traditional thinking is common. Martial arts students are taught to follow certain rules and regulations, and perform the skills and techniques what their instructor or master exactly taught them.

However, why do martial arts need to stay conventional or traditional by limiting certain methods, techniques and styles of doing things, if it can be improved and enhanced? It is truly more enjoyable, comfortable and much easier to continue the conventional or traditional methods, techniques and styles, but doing the improved and better version of these will surely make not only the martial arts students but also the instructor or master successful. Experimenting and discovering other methods, techniques and styles will help in improving and enhancing martial arts.

All of us have flaws; even martial arts have flaws or problems. But, as we all know, for every problems definitely, there are a matching solutions regardless of how big or small that problem is. To keep martial arts alive, everyone should always bear in mind that open-mindedness is the key.

Posted by: Erika Mae E. Maglente

One thought on “Learning Martial Arts may Have Its Drawbacks”

  1. The articles are very useful! In fact, I shared it on my twitter page so that my families and friends will be able to learn from this very useful blog!


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